Zoo Moot Saga


November 5-7, 2021
Open to Rovers, Venturers, TREX and Rangers

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What: Theme is: Folklore. Acronym: Whitby's Overly Legendary People Engaging Reavers Through Increasingly Naraly Gangs Entering Rovers

When: November 5-7, 2021

Where: Camp Samac, 275 Conlin Road East, Oshawa Ontario

Why: You will be dazzled by the prizes at closing, accumulated by participation in a wide range of theme activities and scavenger hunt

How Much: Register for $28.00 before October 18 and pay online, or $30 at the gate. This includes crest for each participant and camping for Friday and/or Saturday night. $20 for just Saturday.

      What is a Zoo Moot?  



The Event

What you can expect: This is a typical MOOT style event with a lot of free time for socializing, campfire, field activities, archery, scavenger hunt, prizes for earning points.

Theme: Activities will be based around theme (but just for fun). Bring your best themed costume to join in on the fun. Watch for more detail and especially for updates on the Facebook group or event page.

Friday night: time to set up your camp, check in, participate in some gathering activities and discover who is in camp. For Rovers, this is often the first time they have gotten together since their last camp as many Rover continue to be engaged in the Crew but may be away at school in the weeks in between. 

Saturday morning: Opening, then activities in the field (to gather points for your Company, Crew, TREX or Rangers), archery (pending as per covid), and scavenger hunt!

Saturday afternoon: Different activities in the field (to gather points for your Company, Crew, TREX or Rangers), archery (again TBD), and finalize you photo scavenger hunt list. 

Saturday Evening: Cook dinner and use this time to catch up with friends! We will be having a socially distanced night game, as well as some small informal campfires. No dance or potluck this year sadly.

Sunday:  Gather for camp closing after breakfast and benefit from the amazing awards the committee have set up.





Register online: 

Zoo Moot 12: November 5-7, 2021


You will be asked to show proof of active membership status with Scouts Canada, Girl Guides, or any other WOSM group. Please go to www.MyScouts.ca and print a report or ask your Scouter/Guider to provide a print out


Important Info:

·         Water is available from campsite taps, Council Hall and Cubland. Bring a water container.

·         Maps and Directions will be available to groups requiring food supplies throughout the weekend.

·         There are lots of grocery stores and fast food venues within 3 kms of the campsite.

·         Camping will be restricted to the designated areas, with parking just inside the 275 Conlin Rd East gate to the left or on the paved parking lot outside at Council Hall. (Campsites are Big Cedar, Sturgeon, Scugog and Buckhorn.)

·         Cars will not be allowed to stay in the camping area but must be left at the parking lot. If the field is dry enough, you may be able to drive in to drop gear. Alternatively, you may have to carry your gear for up to 5 minutes over level ground to your campsite, so pack accordingly.

·         There are very few designated campfire pits in the camping area of the Moot and fires within the City of Oshawa boundaries (as this is) cannot be larger than 15” above the pit grate. Camp stoves and BBQs are allowed.

·         Limited picnic tables will be available, please share if you have a small group, it is a great way to meet people!



Groups are to follow Karl’s 4 rules of Rovering:

·         Nothing Illegal (As per Scouts Canada Code of Conduct)

·         Nothing Immoral (As according to Karl)

·         Nothing Unsafe (As according to Karl)

·         Nothing against BP&P

o   (Staff Judgment will replace Karl’s in the absence of Karl)

·         Lights out is Sunrise, after then you should not need them and let us not waste energy.

Of course, you need to have “Active” membership status with Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada.


Camp Samac:

·         -No driving on the grass. You can stop your car at the side of the road to drop off gear, but must leave your car at the main parking lot in front of council hall.

·         No alcohol or illegal drugs on Scouts Canada property

·         Do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on scouts Canada property

·         Minimum 2 adult scouters when around youth at all times

·         LEAVE NO TRACE. Inspections will happen at the end of camp. No crests unless you have a     clean campsite on Sunday.

·         Camp warden has final say on issues regarding the property itself



·         All those attending must be active members of Scouts Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, or any other WOSM scout organization.
Must be 15 years or older on November 5

·         Camp is restricted to 100 people as per Ontario Guidelines. This means there can be approximately 85 participants. Register early.

·         Camp opens at 7pm. You may arrive earlier, but check in will happen at 7pm on November 5th at the staff cabin.

·         Participants must be out by 11am on Sunday November 7th

·         If payments are not received online through pre-reg, final payment must be made on the 5th at check in.


Covid Policy:

-https://www.scouts.ca/resources/bpp/policies/pandemic-program-and-activity-modifications-stage-4.html for the full Scouts Canada covid policy.

-Firstly, everyone must be vaccinated by November 1st. If you are currently active on myscouts ON NOVEMBER 5TH, we will accept that as your vaccination (or medical exemption) proof.

-All groups and parties will conduct themselves into patrols of 8. This includes groups that are larger than 8 that register together.

-Patrols, as per Scouts Canada covid policy, are the only ones that are allowed to eat, sleep in the same tent and do non social distancing activities together.

-Those not in the same patrol MUST stay at least 2 meters apart. Those in the same patrol are recommended to stay at least 1 meter apart

-Masks must be worn when participating in activities and when social distancing with another patrol is difficult to comply with.

-All participants must sleep outside in tents, hammocks, etc. This also means bunks cannot be reserved this year as they have in the past. Please come prepared. It snows frequently on ZooMoot weekends. Bring an extra layer or two and have 3 season camping gear (aka sleeping bags and mats rated to about -9 degrees).

-Food and drink cannot be shared between participants. Bring your own water bottle. This also means potluck cannot run as per usual.

- As it encourages large crowds and less than 2m distancing, no dance this year.

- Wash hands frequently with soap and water, or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

-Everyone must complete a COVID screening questionnaire before arriving. If you forget, we will have them on site or you can complete one at check in on your phone.

-Act the way a nurse that’s been working in the hospital the entire pandemic would want you to act. 



After Registration Notes:


Thanks for signing up for ZooMoot! Just wanted to welcome everyone back to mooting, and to give a few quick reminders.

1. Ensure that everyone in your group has an active MyScouts account, and has self declared their full vaccination status on myscouts.ca. We will be checking everyone this year.

2. Please have a covid self screening completed as well as an Adventure Application form approved by your group commissioner. I will accept an email from them stating its approved (aka, don't have to physically sign it). We are following the rules as best we can this year. See here: https://scoutsca.s3.amazonaws.com/2019/10/adventure-application-form.pdf

3. Participants can start arriving after 5pm. However, with some staff members arriving late, check-in will be from 7pm onwards at the staff cabin (cabin 1). If you arrive late, we'll check you in the morning. Staff will direct you to camping spots so we can ensure proper social distancing, even between camps. 

4. If you haven't paid in full online, please be ready to pay the remainder at check-in.

5. We'll have some activities that use shared equipment. Due to this, we ask that you bring what you can to help run the events to assist in covid precautions. This includes

-       Compasses

-       Fire making tools that aren't matches or lighters. Could be flint and steel, small wooden bow with twine, graphite rocks, etc. (be creative. No flamethrowers).

For the equipment we provide, it will be sanitized between use. 

Thanks again for coming, everyone. It's been a long time since the last camp and I'm excited to see everyone, new and old friends alike. Any questions, please email myself and I'll get back to you quickly,




John Wettstone, Camp Chief

c/o 711 Rossland Rd E, Suite 1101
Whitby, ON L1N 8Z1
M: 905-550-0548 (text & voice)




for more information about the organizers, 1st Whitby Rover Crew: 

For other Rover and Venturer events in Canada please look up: Rovering.org

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