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Crew Bylaws

White Pine Council
Whitby Area
1st Whitby Venturers
Samac Adventure Base

Brooklin Signs Whitby Crusaders Rover Scout Crew
c/o Brian Wick, Scouter
1101-711 Rossland Rd East, Whitby, Ontario L1N 8Z1
(905) 922-5678

Our motto is Service

Ryan Mitchell doning medieval armour at Prague Castle on Scouting exchange Members of the Rover Scout Crew (18+):


  President. John Wettstone, Squire

  Treasurer, Matthew Mokedanz
  Secretary/Historian James O’Grady, Page

  Andrew Morgan, Squire (RJ09, WJ11)


  Donovan Lam, Page

  Bailey Brown, Page

  Anna Van Hardeveld

  Bodin Punyaprateep

  Jessica Mokedanz

  Dylan Pammett



  Keith Emond, Scouter, Knight, Gilwellian, Medal of the Maple, (KJ07)
  Brian Wick, H.BAS Scouter, Bar to Silver Acorn, Silver Acorn, Medal of Gratitude (CZ Scout Assoc.), Centennial Medal, Queen's Jubilee Medal, Medal of Merit, Medal for Good Service, Long Service Medal, 40 year pin, (WJ91, WJ95, WJ99, WJ03, KJ07, RJ09, WJ11, FJ16, CJ17)

  Meetings are Mondays 8:00-9:30pm at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 209 Cochrane St. Whitby, ON.  To join the 1st Whitby Rovers, email Brian Wick or call (905) 922-5678 for more information.


The Rover program emphasizes service while encouraging young adults (aged 18 to 26) to experience the best of the outdoors, to develop a sense of self-reliance and teamwork, to explore and challenge to do things you wouldn't normally do. It helps them explore vocational opportunities and allows them to participate in a variety of social, spiritual and cultural activities. They challenge themselves by taking part in physical and outdoor activities. It also helps them get an awareness of the needs of the community and the environment. These skills will prepare them for the adventurous Rover program.

Keith Emond, Rod Dotzko, Amy Caldwell and Selena Lam are knighted by the 57th Windsor CrewSee Program History for additional information. Additional Program activities see 1st Whitby Venturer Scout Program

All new Rovers are called Squires once invested and are required to establish a personal quest. Once the quest is completed, the Rover can then be knighted. At 1st Whitby, the knighting can only be done by a knight therefore the crew had to call in the help of the 57th Windsor Crew to conduct the ceremony. This particular ceremony took place on a gazebo in London, Ontario. (Yes, the sword is genuine and an important artifact of the crew.)

To help you develop an idea of your quest, take time to read the following: Quest of Truth.

Please take time to read the following references:
Rover Scouting (1952), essentials of the Rover program
The Ten Quests of Rovering, from B-P

If you are interested in camping and exploring new places, contact us!!

Rover Discussion Forums on the Web

With Round Tables on the decrease, it is getting harder to keep in touch with other Rovers. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to keep in touch without actually gathering around a roundtable.

Various websites have been created to keep Rovers informed. This is your chance to check out some of the websites from across Canada. Let us know if you are aware of other websites out there. So check out these sites and start meeting Rovers from across Canada.  - resources and calendar for Ontario Rovering Events & News

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