W.H.A.L.E. 2010 Event Info & Rules:


Uncle Johnís Box Social:

What is a Box Social?

-          A box social has many definitions throughout time; however we are using the term as a fancy party with boxes and cheese and crackers.

What do I need to bring?

-          We will be awarding prizes based on how fancy your dress is, how fancy a box you bring, and how fancy the contents of said box are. (Everyone loves smoked salmon, those mini sandwiches or pig in a blankets.)



Important Info:

There is no water on site, groups are expected to bring their own water.

Maps and Directions will be available to groups requiring supplies throughout the weekend




Groups are to follow Karlís 4 rules of Rovering:

1)      Nothing Illegal

2)      Nothing Immoral (As according to Karl)

3)      Nothing Unsafe (As according to Karl)

4)      Nothing against BP&P

(Staff Judgment will replace Karlís in the absence of Karl)

Lights out is Sunrise, after then you should not need them and let us not waste energy.