W.H.A.L.E. 2009

Partial Scavenger Hunt List

1 Coconut

3 A laptop without a screen

7 A purple monkey dishwasher

13 A joke about polish people

19 A quarter circa 1998

22 An emo hair doo

29 A pair of Suspenders

33 A 1989 Buick LeSabre preference to a convertible model

34 The manual to a rice cooker

38 A Leather bound book

40 Toe nail clippings from a rhino

44 A green scout uniform

47 A Slide rule

54 Mutton Chops

58 A tea pot

59 A kettle

60 A stove

61 A tea cup

62 A tea cup saucer

63 Tea of the non herbal variety (earl grey, English breakfast, etc.)

64 A pleasing combination of items 59-63 inclusive for the judges.

66 Same as number 51 but this time a red one

72 Someone with a back as hairy as a walrus

75 A t-shirt of a band not from this continent

78 A 6 fingered man

80 Chuck Norris

85 The partial Scavenger hunt list

89 A smile from McDonalds

90 An antique that no one knows what it is

96 The Stay puff marshmallow man

101 Dalmatians