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The Future of Canada United in Scouting (FOCUS) training course is for young leaders wanting to learn about situational leadership, developing teamwork, and setting personal goals. FOCUS is a peer-to-peer training program developed by the Scouts Canada's National Youth Committee and is intended to provide an opportunity for Leadership Skills Building and Personal Assessment. The workshops will occupy about 10 hours during the weekend. Many other activities both indoors and outdoors will break up the formal learning portions. Target audience is Venturers, Rovers and senior Scouts. This is an awesome addition to the Venturer program, but is not to be confused with either a Youth Forum or V.E.W. (Venturer Executive Workshop.) After the weekend, youth will have learned a little more about their abilities, goals, leadership skills and made many new friends. A uniform badge and wall certificate will be presented upon completion. Weekend fee for youth participants $60, ($15 cabin bunk, $25 food, $20 prgram fee includes manual, uniform badge, program supplies.)  Advisors, Trainers, QM $40 (includes cabin bunk $15, meals $25.) We can offer a group rate for groups sending 8 or more participants from the same group who register before October 31st, 2018. Contact FOCUS Modules The basic FOCUS program consists of five modules which cover important skills for developing strong leadership ability: Module #1—The Leader in You  This module encourages participants to look within to identify strengths, as well as potential areas of improvement, and help define individuals’ character. Module #2—Effective Communication  An essential skill for any effective leader! This module covers the importance of good, two-way communication in all facets of life and provides a wealth of tips for achieving this. Module #3—Group Dynamics and Teamwork Participants  Learn about the different roles people play when contributing towards a team reaching a common goal. This module usually includes lots of experiential learning with tons of fun teamwork games! Module #4—Youth Involvement  Explore “youth involvement and how to get more from others. This module encourages participants to get into the habit of making goals for both their personal and scouting lives, and provides ideas and support to help them with goal definition. Module #5—Situational Leadership  Different groups respond to different styles of leadership. Beaver Scouts don’t like to be barked at, and teenage rs don’t like to be coddled! Participants will learn tips on how to analyze the group they are working with and adapt their leadership style accordingly

FOCUS Youth Leadership Training Workshop, December 7-9, 2018

Colin, Tim and John led the 2012 workshop at Camp Samac Scouts Canada It Starts With Scouts banner Home