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SOAP 2010 Venturee – WILD!



Who: 1st Whitby Venturers hosting for all Venture aged youth

What: SOAP Wild!

When: October 29-31 2010

Where: Camp Samac, 275 Conlin Road East, Oshawa Ontario.

Why: Why not?

Really, give me a good reason to not come, what’s that?

You don't have one?

See you there!

How Much: Pre-Register for $18.00 or $18.00 at the gate


           Towel Whip (Friday) [ice breaker]
           Lap Poker (Friday) [ice breaker]
           Darling if you love me (Friday) [ice breaker]
           Giant campfire (Friday)
           Ain't No flies on us (Friday at campfire)
           Improv (Friday at campfire)
           Potluck (Saturday)
           Pudding Fight (Saturday) [camp-wide]
           Dance (Saturday)
           Don't Drop the soap (Saturday) [camp-wide]
           Extreme duck duck goose (Saturday) [camp-wide]
           Manhunt with glow in the dark paint (Saturday after dance if anyone is still awake)
           Chalk drawings and bubbles (Saturday) [camp-wide]
           Soap's got talent (Saturday) [camp-wide]
           Costume contest (Saturday during dance)
           Spud (Saturday) [camp-wide]


Register:  Fill in the pre-registration form linked here.



Brian Wick

711 Rossland Rd E., Suite 1101

Whitby, ON L1N 8Z1



Important Info:

There is no water on site, groups are expected to bring their own water.

Maps and Directions will be available to groups requiring supplies throughout the weekend